Gantry Welding Machine

Gantry Welding Machine Description

The Gantry Welding Machine is used to make longitudinal seam welding, with dual welding heads which are working simultaneously, especially the irregular beam (≤30°change section). The Gantry Welding Machine is one of the most useful machines for the vehicle industry. The machine is also ideal for H-shaped steel structures and overhead crane production plants.

The gantry welding machine has advanced PLC program technology. It can control the two torches to trace the start point and stop at the end. The Gantry Welding machine has self assemble table which has hydraulic cylinders to prevent any damage or flexing caused by high temperatures during the welding process.

The Gantry Welding Machine has a Tack Welding Bridge with 2 pcs hydraulic cylinders, which are used to make optimal assembly before the welding process. The Gantry Welding Machine provides stable welding quality, easy operation, and high-efficiency mass production.

Standard Features

Optional Features

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